Easter’s hike 2012 (Water Dragon-Pregnant Egg-Suricate-Swan)

Ester’s hikes have quite a long tradition statret in 1997. That time only four people (classmates from elementary school) and one dog participated. Since that first hike our group has been evolving/changing/growing.. Last few years, we can say, we have regularly 15+ participants. Moreover a separatist group of bikers established a biking event few years ago and since then they have been stealing some participants every year from our orthodox hikers group.

What is it about?
The Easter’s hike is an event that has one goal: To organize a relaxing walking trip in order to explore beauties of nature or some cultural/historical places of iterest. Since the organizers come from North-East part of Bohemia the location of the hike is usually within the region – there has been only an exemption in 2007 when the organizers due to a big fight split and therefore 2 separate Eatser’s hikes were made (one to Toucovy maštale, CZ, the second to Mt. Faber, Singapore). The hike is always on Saturday before Easter and since the group has evolved in 15+ members (with children), we gave up 2-days hikes – the only one 2-days hike in the history was in 1998. We also don’t prepare difficult or long walks so no physicall condition is required. The only motivation of the organizators is to prepare relaxed day in pleasant environment with at least some activity :-) .
Yes, the true is that first hikes were spontaneous and sometimes nobody knew the way and the goal of the hike. Nowadays the hikes are more organized, usually we know the goal..and sometimes we even know the path. However, we are trying to envilen the hikes to keep it far from boredom. So sometimes we need to fight with unpredictable appearance of snow/mud .. or we just get lost (The organizers have really strong experience with preparation of those „obstacles“).

This year, an accommodation is  preared for participants – a touristic chalet in Neratov, which is a small village in the middle of nowhere. Accommodation is available from Friday through Sunday.

Who is eligible to participate?
Everybody who’s in good mood, who likes fun, who would like to relax himself/herself in group of people that are easy going And who doesn’t mind that he/she might get lost for while on a 15km long trip. Basically, it is not a private event, everyboey can join us.

So what to do if you want to go.
Just let us know at ck@toulavymedved.cz and we can provide all the information necessary.


Elementar  information follows

Easter’s hike is on Saturday 7th April.

Start Point:  Chalet in Neratov at 9.30 a.m.

Path difficulty:  basically there are two levels of difficulty. An easy hike and a very easy hike. The first starts from point signed Áá on the map and the first two kilometers are in moderate terrain. After five kilometers we reach pointwhere is a start ing point of the very easy hike – route for children. Parents with children have to drive to this point and leave the cars here. From here both groups go together through Pěticestí (point Cé) to the finish, which is a restaurant in Orlické Záhoří (point Dé). .. In total we will make about 13Km or 8km from poit Áá or point Bé, respectively. The tempo will bee very lazy.

Accommodation: A touristic chalet in Neratov (also the starting point of the hike).

The accommodation is available from Friday afternoou through Sunday afternoon. (sleeping bag or bed sheets is necessary)

The best way to get there is to drive by car. But you can also take a train into one of following stations – Česká Třebová,  Ústí nad Orlicí (on the railway Prague -Vienna, Prague – Ostrava), Letohrad or Žamberk . We can schedule a pick-up and drive you to Neratov by car.  And, of course, return way would be analogous.



Photos from 2010 Eatsr’s hike

If you want some idea how the hike looks. Just click on following links with pictures made during last year’s Easter’s hike. Pictures taken by Tomáš and  by Martin and Michal

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